David J. Sumanth
David J. Sumanth (Dr Productivity™)

Dr. Sumanth’s, “People + Performance Philosophy of Management” (3PMä) evolved from his unique but practical Humanity Building-Up™ methodologies over 46 years of his research, teaching, industry experience, consulting, and travels in 100 countries --from a multi-disciplinary thinking cutting across industrial and systems engineering, management science, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and medical sciences. His interactions with Quality Gurus such as Dr. Edwards Deming, Dr. Noriaki Kano, Dr. Frank Gryna, Philip Crosby, and Dr. Imai; and Productivity Pioneers such as Dr. Marvin Mundel, Dr. Keith McGee, Dr. Krish Pennathur, and Dr. John Kendrick have added robustness to his theories.  Through his 3PM™, he has shown how to  increase employment levels, enlarge the economic pie, and enhance the human dignity. His teachings are applied by several thousands of CEOs and employees in Businesses, Governments; MBA and Industrial Engineering students; Administrators, Faculty; Church Leaders; and Families. His famous Total Productivity Model (STPMä) continues to be used worldwide to measure performance for guaranteed profitability and sustainability.


David’s inspirational, instructive, and influential speeches include: Management is a Moral Issue (MMI™); Management By Love (MBL™); Technology Gradient Management (TGM™); Leadership and Management for the 21st Century Enterprises; Sumanth’s Comprehensive Productivity Model (SCPM™); Sumanth’s 3-Dimensional Poverty Model (S3DPM™); Spiritual Productivity (SP™), “Total Productive Societies,” and “The 4-D Cycle.”

David helped create the prestigious Florida Sterling Award for Quality, and served as its Founding Judge. Also, he is the Founding Chairman of the International Conference Series on Productivity and Quality Research (ICPQRä), and the Founding President of the International Society for Productivity and Quality Research (ISPQRä).

David’s degrees include B.E. and M.E. (with Distinction) in Mech. Engineering from India; and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Industrial Engineering from the USA. He is well-known for his pioneering work on “Productivity Engineering” and “Total Productivity Management (TPmgt™) since 1979, at the University of Miami where he has been the Founding Director of the Productivity Research Group, Professor of Industrial Engineering, Professor of Management; and Professor Emeritus of Industrial & Systems Engineering and of Management. He holds Distinguished Professorships in the School of Economics, Universidad Francisco Marroquin (Guatemala), theSchool of Engineering & Architecture, Universidad San Martin de Porres (Peru), and an Honorary Doctorate from the Universidad San Martin de Porres. His biographical listings include Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, Who’s Who in America, and 5000 Personalities of the World. His recognitions include: Outstanding Industrial Engineer of the Year, the George Washington Honor Medal for Excellence in Economic Education, Founding Fellow of the World Academy of Productivity Science, and The Alexander Orr Award for Teaching Excellence at the University of Miami. Contact David from www.drproductivity.com, or at dsumanth@miami.edu.

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